BurgerFi me!

Friday nights have turned into family burger night since the opening of BurgerFi in Delray Beach.

6 South Ocean Blvd
Delray Beach, FL
Phone:  561-278-9590

A little bit of background: BurgerFi is a new venture from the owners of The Office on Atlantic in Delray Beach. They have 3 other  locations already open in south florida and are rapidly expanding. The Delray location, on the southwest corner of A1A and Atlantic Avenue, is an excellent spot for a walk up burger, dog, fries and shake with friends and perfect for kids. For our family it’s a fun burger and beach night (only after we have asked our kids a dozen times to start eating), usually spent with friends.

Just like the various burger places that have opened up over the years, this is your greasy, drip down your arm, load ’em up burger joint. They have excellent fries, killer shakes (make with frozen custard, just like the shore area up north) and a self serve “Freestyle” fountain soda machine with over 100 flavors. The great thing about this place, is unlike FiveGuys, they serve wine and beer. Don’t know about a wine and burger though (I have never said to myself, “gee I’m hot and really thirsty and could go for a nice refreshing glass of Pinot Noir”), but a cold beer and burger on a hot day after the beach is real good!

Since we have been going there, the restaurant has never been overly crowed. They are busy, but it’s a steady flow of customers. Which is great because with 2 kids (5 and 7), waiting on a line that extends out the door is not my idea of fun. If you are looking for a burger (thick, juicy, made to your temperature liking) like at the Office or Charm City Burger, this is not it. However it accomplishes a specific objective, relatively cheap eats in a fun environment. It is also pretty clean for a walk-up and seat yourself restaurant.

Alright, now to the food! My family orders the same thing every time we go.  The kids love the hotdogs. My wife gets a classic cheeseburger with bacon, tomato, pickles and ketchup served “green style”. “Green Style” is subbing the bun for a burger wrapped in crisp lettuce (see the picture above). I guess if you are looking to save the say 80 calories, from your bacon cheeseburger, a lettuce wrap would do the trick. I get a 1/2 and 1/2 burger, which is an all natural angus burger with american cheese and a quinoa burger with white cheddar topped with lettuce and tomato on a whole wheat bun (you have to ask for the whole wheat bun). Now here is where it gets exciting, they have over 20 toppings. I add a sunny side up egg to my burger (if you haven’t had a sunny side up egg on a burger your missing out, try it). When you take that first bite and the yolk breaks open, runs down the burger and gets soaked up by the bottom piece of bread, heaven!  Now no order would be complete without a bucket of fries, which you can order any way you like them, “limp” to “extra crispy” (I will explain the verbiage later). They also serve great onion rings. You can kick up your fries with a selection of topping: salt and vinegar, parmesan cheese and herbs, hot cajun spices, american cheese sauce, BurgerFi chili, BurgerFi chili and cheese sauce! I stopped drinking soda about 2 years ago, but my wife and kids (relax they don’t always get soda) love choosing all the varieties of coke products from the soda machine. I on the other hand saved room for a banana chocolate custard milkshake, with slices of banana in the shake. (I was running 10 miles the next morning, why not live a little?).  Our friends who were with ordered the “Beach Blast” shake. She said she was ordering it for the kids to share (for the kids?I am going to call bulls*** on that one). Let’s go thru whats in it: chocolate custard, peanut butter, brownie pieces, chocolate chips, chocolate sprinkles and whipped cream. Let’s just say,  their 3 year old wasn’t coming up for air.

For a burger joint and an alternative option to Five Guys or some of the other local walk-up burger places, its a great place for good food and more importantly a great location directly across from the beach (which is why we keep coming back). Even though its on the beach, we love that the place is filled with locals. There should be more casual, fun and low key places like this on the beach. Keep your expectations in check, it’s burger place. But as I always say lots of restaurants have a mismatch between price and quality (I don’t mind paying 40+ bucks for a steak, but that steak better be damn good). Not the case here, great quality for the price.



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