A Hidden Asian Gem in Boca!

Since moving here almost 7 years ago my husband and I have developed a huge craving for good Asian food. Forget Chinese..we have searched high and low and good Chinese in South Florida does NOT exist! Admittingly, moving from the DC Metro area we were spoiled with the surplus of great Asian cuisine.

In the past my husband has gone to the extreme to make a “Jewish Christmas” happen for us here in South Florida. It is known that Jews spend Christmas either at the “Matzoh Ball” or their favorite Chinese restaurant to dine in or take out. Not in our case. We or I should say he, FedEx’s it from our favorite Bethesda Maryland Chinese restaurant. In theory it was a great idea to send dry ice and insulated wrapping with an order and a return Fed Ex slip. To bad there was a huge snowstorm and planes were grounded, somehow leaving our food on Christmas in Newark, New Jersey. What can I say he tried.

Vietnamese is more or less non-existent with the exception of a few Pho take-outs here and there. Finally, at last we come to Japanese…I can say with confidence that we have found a hidden gem in Boca….Rise Asian Cuisine & Sushi is nestled in the corner of the Howard’s market parking lot on SW 18th St. If you drive through to quickly you might just miss it!

I went here a couple of years ago for the first time for a friend’s birthday. My family has been regulars ever since. I would like to add that we live in Boynton and travel down there once a week, because it is that good! There is something for everyone to eat at Rise. My five year old had his introduction to sushi here and it has become his favorite food and restaurant (he couldn’t just like hot dogs and pizza like ever other five year old). There is a tremendous variety of Sushi, Thai and Noodles to choose from. We have gone with non-sushi eaters and everyone walks away happy and satisfied.

Rise Sushi’s Yellowstone Roll

We have family favorites that we have made staple orders. First, anything with spicy tuna is amazing! The consistency is perfect. Sometimes our entire order contains rolls centered around just the spicy tuna. We start with the Blue fin tuna tartar. It is chunks of blue fin tuna, avocado, mixed with masago and topped with caviar. It is served with chips but if you ask, they will give you a side of cucumber slices. My son orders this as his meal. On to the rolls…Their signature rolls are very unique. They offer a selection of cucumber wrapped – no rice rolls. We order the Spicy Tuna Wrap. The silky-ness of the tuna combined with the crunch of the cucumber is a great combination. Other favorites include the Snow Mountain Roll, this is spicy tuna, tempura flakes topped in Escolar with jalapeno sliced on top, the Spicy Rainbow Roll, spicy tuna with avocado and tempura flakes topped with salmon, tuna and white fish, the Yellowstone Roll is an excellent choice for the non sushi/no raw fish eater. It is shrimp tempura, asparagus, seafood dynamite, sesame seeds wrapped in soy paper and topped with the most delicate Chilean seabass. It literally melts in your mouth. It is that good. The Jumbo Prawn and the Lobster Bomb Rolls are a must order for presentation as well as taste. The rolls are accompanied with a side of rock shrimp in a martini glass. They are both a meal in itself. In addition to their signature rolls, they offer a wide selection of sushi and sashimi. One tip, if you like sashimi ask Mike (he is the owner and head sushi chef) to prepare the chef’s sashimi dish. Just think very lightly seared salmon sprinkled with black truffle salt, and that’s just one of the selections on the plate. Amazing!

Rise has a “Far East Favorites” section on their menu that includes various teriyaki’s, stir-fry’s and Thai options. The Red Curry is a favorite of mine.

Vivian and Mike are the owners. Vivian welcomes you at the door almost every night. Mike is the head sushi chef. The atmosphere is warm and inviting.

For us Boyntonites, you may brush off the drive and say it is out of the way. I am telling you GO! It is worth it. Don’t settle for local mediocrity, drive for excellence.


Rise Asian Cuisine & Sushi
6060 SW 18th Street
Boca Raton, FL
Phone: 561-392-8808

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