Run, don’t walk…

past this restaurant. A few months ago, a new restaurant opened up on Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach. Just like any new restaurant and especially one that has a New York connection, we were curious to try it out. That is what we did when the Hamptons New York eatery 75 Main opened its doors in April.

Upon arriving at the restuarant and checking in at the hostes stand, you notice that almost two-thirds of the restaurant is taken up by the bar, leaving about 12 tables indoors with additonal seating outside. We went with another couple for a 7:30 reservation and apparently since our reservation on open-table didn’t specify indoor seating, they wanted to seat us outside. It was 85 degress and possibly 90% humidity. We waited for a table inside. We sat at the bar and opened a bottle of Pinot Noir we had brought with us. While waiting for our table, we couldn’t help but notice and continue to talk about, an oddly huge area of wasted space between the bar and the kitchen in the back of the restaurant. Almost an hour after our initial reservation time, a table opened up and we sat near the front window.

The decor of the restaurant is pretty, somewhat of a northern beachy Cape Cod/Hampton’s feel, with light colored walls and lots of molding. The one thing we noticed was there were alot of pictures of naked women hidden in photographs and artwork on the walls (or maybe I noticed it). Unfortunately the decor and naked artwork are where the compliments end.

The menu is classic american contempary cuisine, with traditional salads and starters. There is an assortment of fresh fish, steaks and pasta entrees. I started with the sauteed pan mussels in a garlic white wine broth. The mussels were cooked well and this was setting up to be a great dish to dunk some crusty bread into, if only the broth had any flavor. My wife had the traditional caesar salad and the couple we were with split the chop salad. Both salads possessed the same similarity to a salad you would buy off the shelf at Publix. The waitress suggested and I ordered, one of the house favorites, the grilled salmon. My friend orderd a burger. Not something I would have ordered on this menu, but nonetheless it was ordered. Before I get to the salmon, let’s talk about the burger. Growing up, I used to frequent a place called Nick’s. It might have been called Nick’s Greasy Spoon or maybe that was just the nick name. Anyway, for 5 bucks, during lunch, I’d order the cheeseburger deluxe (I’m sure every town had one). Now that burger was good from what I remember, but I was 14 and didn’t know the difference. All I knew was that it was 5 bucks! This burger resembled just that. If you are going to have a hamburger on a menu, make it interesting. Shall I go on? The presentation of the burger, with a side of french fries lying on the plate, was no more artistic than what you might find at say, Duffy’s. Now let’s talk about the salmon.

The salmon was prepared grilled on top of basmati rice, and glazed with a citrus nector. It sounded delicious. When the dish arrived the salmon was over cooked and simply lacked any difference in flavor from something you might find in a lean cuisne box.

With so many options in Delray and especially at this price point, it’s going to be very hard for this place to last on decor alone. If for some reason there happens to be no other place in Delray that can seat you, and this is the only place available, call it a night and grab a pizza on your way home and watch a movie.


75 Main
270 East Atlantic Ave,
Delray Beach, FL
Phone: (561)243-7975

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  1. I agree.. Went on Friday night and had to return a dish. Sucks since this is in the PERFECT spot. They should pivot and become a bar/lounge only.

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