Buddha Sky Bar

Delray in the Sky!

Atop Delay Beach sits a discrete pan-asian restaurant, you just might miss if you don’t look up. Buddha Sky Bar located 3 stories above Atlantic Ave, is the only restaurant in Delray Beach that gives you a birds eye view up and down Atlantic Ave. With a secluded side entrance just off the strip, and an elevator that whisks you up to the top, you feel as though you are entering a members only club. We met 2 other couples for dinner and to our surprise were seated at the Chef’s table, just outside the kitchen on a private open air terrace. It was 7:45pm, the sun was beginning to set, you could smell the ocean breeze and gaze down to a superb view of the crowds on Atlantic Avenue. What an experience. If it’s available when you make your reservation, book it!

Buddha Sky Bar is a pan-asian fusion restaurant with influence from both chinese and japanese cuisines. The menu, mostly tapas style and meant to be shared, is broken up into 3 unqiue food preperation styles. Both hungry and swept away by the chef’s table, we went nuts on the menu. Everything was delicious. A few must have

Korean Barbaque Ribs – So tender, the meat practically fell off the bone when you picked it up.

Buddha Sky Bar’s Black Cod Skewers

Black Cod Skewers – Their take on the dish that made Nobu famous. The Cod, marinated in white miso and lightly seared, is so delicate and uniquely sweet, it’s almost mistaken for a better version of Sea Bass. The cod is accompanied by a seaweed salad and a warm miso soup, which adds a nice salty compliment to the dish as it cleanses your palate.

Seafood Shu Mai – Delicate, and full of flavor, it is served with 3 dipping sauces (sweet chilli jam, spicy mayo and sweet soy). Each compliments the dim sum prefectly.

Buddha Sky Bar’s Peking Duck (half)

Pekin Duck – We shared a half peking duck. It was the perfect size for the 6 of us. The duck, moist and tender, and the skin perfectly crispy. The duck is accompanied by a side of housin sauce, cuccumber, scallions and a egg pancake. The only thing I would say, is that they needed to use a different style of pancake, as it was to delicate and continued to fall apart.
They also have a section of unique signature rolls. We had the Handsome Rob and Yellowtail & Jalapeño Rolls. Both very delicious with excellent texture and flavor. We tried the El Guapo roll, but I have to say the warm baked parmesan overpowered the roll, and I am not a big fan of warm sushi rolls.

We are both firm believers that the company you choose to have dinner with, can greatly enhance your taste buds and overall experience of a restuarant. Just as our slogen suggest’s “Good Friends, Good Wine, Great Food?” We have some great friends to share in all of our taste bud journies. So grab a group of friends and go to Buddha Sky Bar, you’ll love it! Oh and ask for the chef’s table.


Buddha Sky Bar
217 East Atlantic Avenue
Delray Beach, FL
Phone: (561)450-7557

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