10 Restaurants You Must Visit Springs 2013

Rebel with a Cause!

From the creators of the famous Charm City Burger Company and El Jefe Luchador in Deerfield Beach comes a new chapter in their culinary journey. Chef and owner Michael Saperstein and his partner Evan David, opened the doors to The Rebel House, just over a month ago and they haven’t looked back since. Michael from Baltimore, Maryland and Evan from Syosset, New York, understand and acknowledge that despite most people in south Florida not knowing the difference when it comes to good food, foodies like us are still out there.

With exposed wood beams, graffiti sprayed verbiage throughout the restaurant and exposed filament antique light bulbs (reproductions of Thomas Edison’s first light bulbs, its sweeping the country),this classual city chic decor, makes you feel as though your hanging out at your friends art gallery warehouse. They call the style “Renegade.” The bar is lined with old-school high back stools and reconditioned chairs and tables are randomly configured throughout the restaurants open floor plan. The walls are adorned with one of a kind artwork from a local artist and refurbished piano’s and jukebox’s are scattered around this new hipster retreat. The restaurant and bar were just opening as we got here at 5:30pm. We took a seat at the bar, John (the cool tatted up bartender) gave us a bowl of the house’s popcorn of the day (no bread baskets or bar nuts here) and we got the lay of the land.

The restaurant is tapas style, small and large plates, and everything is meant to be shared. The unique menu items, such as Roasted Wagyu Marrow Bones and Mini Corned Duck Reuben, is the creation of Chef and Owner Saperstein,who is constantly adding, tweaking and changing the menu based on the freshest and finest ingredients that are in season. The concept of farm to fork. Plates come out of the kitchen as they are ready, rather than your entire order coming out at once, ensuring the optimal taste and temperature of the dish. They have a great selection of craft beers, small vineyard wines and some unique signature cocktails (like fresh crushed watermelon,jalapeño and vodka).

We started off with the Berkshire Pork and Green Chives Dumplings (finished with a truffle madeira soy reduction). The crunch of the dumpling and the sweetness of the pork combined with subtle hint of truffle oil, off the charts! We then moved on to the Rebel Fried Rice. Now I have had fried rice in my day from some great restaurants in New York City and outside of DC, but I have never in my life tasted fried rice like this. For the purposes of full disclosure, it did have bacon in it, and frankly bacon can make anything taste great. Having said that, this fried rice was fantastic. Served with your traditional ingredients of peas, corn and carrots, the Rebel House puts in their own touch, by adding crispy onion strings and diced crispy bacon, topped with a sunny side up egg and drizzled with their own spicy mayo. Yes, another review with a sunny side up egg. The sunny side up egg has grown up and persuade a better life than being chained to the breakfast plate of your local dinner. Trust me, Try it! We had to try the Roasted Wagyu Marrow Bones. The unique flavors of the bone marrow, prepared with a wagyu short rib onion marmalade and served with challah toast, put me in taste bud heaven. Everything we tried hit the mark. From the Korean Chicken Wings and Ceviche Tostada to the Classic Steak Tartar drizzled with black garlic aioli. The only negative thing I have to say, is there was not enough duck in the duck reuben (but Jonnie B got on that for us). Whether your old or young, hip or not, this eclectic menu and vibrant scene has something for everyone.

I should have been selfish and not written this blog, as I don’t want the word to get out to quickly . I would love to keep this place all to myself. With so many restaurants coming and going. Most a derivative of what has come before it, Saperstein and David have something truly special here.


The Rebel House
297 East Palmetto Park Road
Boca Raton, FL
Phone: (561) 756-9764

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