Cocktails and Eats! In Boynton?

It’s that time of year when us men abandon work, family and hygiene to purse the ultimate title in life’s accomplishments. Yes ladies, its Fantasy Football Season! But before you roll your eyes, remember you tolerate it because at the end, we celebrate the bragging rights and you admire your new handbag. Or maybe that just happens in my house. Although I have never won this league of misfits and trash talkers, I am still having to buy a new Chanel handbag, not sure how that happened. I digress.

A few weeks ago a few buddies and I took our palates to Sweetwater Bar and Grill in Boynton Beach in a quest for good food and our draft position for the upcoming season. After I once again (for the 3rd season in a row) received the 12 pick in the draft, I abandoned my hopes of a championship ring and firmly committed myself to our blog. Sorry honey, no bag this year.

Sweetwater Bar and Grill is a throw back to the early 20th century social cocktail bars that formed after prohibition in the 1930’s. Although a store front restaurant in the 21st century, with exposed Chicago brick walls and very dimly lit retro exposed filament light bulbs, you feel as though you are in someone’s basement converted to a bar. The rustic looking bar and addition of couches and coffee tables in the restaurant, make for a cozy/casual atmosphere . Just hard to see what you are eating.

I couldn’t help but notice the unique touch to the menu design. They use old school brown pressboard classification folders, making you feel like as though you are going thru someone’s FBI file. Liquor is definitely their thing here. With nearly 2 pages of the menu dedicated to hand crafted signature cocktails (with locally grown fruits and vegetable’s), craft beers, boutique wine’s and alcohol, the eats are designed to complement the drinks. The food, small and large plate tapas style, is constantly changing based on available local ingredients (farm to fork) and the selection of cocktails, beers and wines that they add to their menu.

We started out with the homemade hand pulled mozzarella served on a wooden cutting board with heirloom tomatoes, black olive tapenade, roasted garlic, basil, aged balsamic and fresh toasted bread. Fresh tomatoes, especially heirloom are all the rage this summer. The Seoul pulled pork tacos were off the charts. All the ingredients (asian cabbage, granny smith apple salsa and homemade korean bbq sauce) in a crispy wonton noodle shell work perfectly with the pork. How can you go wrong with something that has pancetta, lobster and white truffle oil in it? You can’t, so we ordered the Signature Lobster Mac. This is grown up mac and cheese, although my 7 year old does love her truffle oil (so proud). The combination of aged parmesan and asiago, the saltiness of the pancetta and a hint of truffle oil make this dish.

The one dish that I did feel fell short was the Tahitian Tuna Tartare. Layered yellowfin tuna, crushed avocado, cucumber, tomato and fresh crab. Tuna is very light in flavor as it is, the addition of the crab meat completely overpowered the dish. Just me, just saying. In additional to the unique menu items, the chef will add a few specials. That night they had a pan seared snapper with sticky rice, served with a green curry sauce and soy orange butter reduction. Excellent!

Despite the evening starting out on a sour note (12th pick in the draft), the atmosphere, trash talking friends and especially the food, more than made up for it.


Sweetwater Bar & Grill
1507 S Federal Hwy
Boynton Beach, FL
Phone: (561) 509-9277

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