Wine of the Week

Wine of the Week!

Starting this week, we are bringing you a new blog series called “Wine of the Week” (maybe “Beer of the Week” in the near future). Let me first begin by saying, we are not “experts,” but well on our way. We each have day jobs and unfortunately, drinking wine is not one of them (although that would be nice, however our kids would have to find their own way home from school). We are hobbyist off sorts, exploring the world of wines with our friends and family. Each week we hope to share with you a wine we have enjoyed, while introducing you to different varieties, regions, tastes and pairings. If you are looking for a wine blog about rare, hard to find wines, this is not it. Our intention is to introduce you to a wine you can purchase locally and enjoy today. But remember, just like many things in life, wine is a matter of taste.

Domaine Fontanyl Rose de Provence

Domaine Fontanyl Rosé de Provence 2011

The Style & Region: Provençal (Provence) is the world’s only wine region specializing in dry rosé. It is located in southeastern France on the Mediterranean Sea. It includes such cities as Marseilles, Cannes, Nice and Monte Carlo along the French Riviera. Provençal has eight major wine regions, and Bandol is arguably considered the best. Rosé wine currently accounts for more than 50% of the production of Provençal wines. The major grapes in the region include Carignan, Cinsault, Grenache, Mourvedre and Syrah. Made from red grapes, rosé producers allow the white juice to keep in contact with the red skins for only a short period of time imparting a pink color. Do not equate rosé wines as sweet. This is not your grandmothers white zinfandel. Provençal rosé has the character of a red wine and the crispness of a white. The rosés of the region are normally dry with zestiness derived from their acidity. Provençal rosé wines are very “hot”, and in 2011 the Provençal wine industry saw its exports of rosé to the U.S. jump 62%.

On the Palate: When served chilled, nothing says summer to me more than rosé. The bouquet reminds me of ripe berries, while the flavor sings strawberry, melon and citrus. This wine is so easy to drink.

What does it pair with? I have enjoyed this wine with a variety of shellfish and seafood, such as oysters, crab, shrimp and salmon. It’s perfect for a summer afternoon “happy hour” with friends and family or enjoy it over lunch while overlooking the ocean.

Price: $12.99 and is available at your local Total Wine & More.



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