Broward County

In Search of a Great Sandwich!

With the federal deficit projected to topple $1.1 trillion this year, one might argue (regardless of political party affiliation), there is wasteful spending going on in Washington. Wasteful spending, why would you say that? In 2011 over $700k went to help bring pancakes to Washington, nearly $500k went to a Mellow Mushroom franchise in Texas, a little over $100k went to help preserve old video games and who could forget the famous “Bridge to Nowhere.” Now before you scream “liberals” or “conservatives” these actions we voted on by both Republicans and Democrats. But this is not a political blog, this is a blog about food, so where am I going?

Each day of the calendar year is a National Food Day of some kind. That day is fully sanctioned by the US Government. Thank G-D, finally something our tax paying dollars are not waisted on! It’s as easy as lobbying your congress member, get them to sponsor a bill in support of the sustenance you love and vuala, it’s officially National Kreplach Day.

In fact there are even National Food months, bringing me to my actual topic. August is National Sandwich Month.

The one thing I have been in search of for years and seem to be  few and far between in south Florida, is a great sandwich place. Now hold on, before you say, “what about La Sandwicherie or La Spadas or Manzo’s.” I am not taking anything away from them, they are each good in there own way, they just don’t make me say, “I am a really craving a (fill in the blank) sub.” What I am looking for is a sandwich built with creative and unique ingredients, other than what you’d normally find on the line at your local subway. Give me something other than deli slicer cut provolone or half wilted iceberg.

The crunch of the bread, the tang of the mustard, the saltiness of the cheese combined with the roast beef. That is what I tasted when I was first introduced to Noodles Panini in Fort Lauderdale a few years ago and I have gone out of my way ever since to taste it again. The tasty description I speak of is the Roast Beef Panini (house roasted beef, gorgonzola spread, onion confit, dijon, mayo and baby greens on focaccia) It’s fantastic. Owner Brent Lahaye understands it all starts with the freshest, homemade ingredients and a touch of love.

Located on historic Las Olas, with only a handful of tables cramped together inside, a small patio seating area outside and an extremely small open kitchen just behind the bar, this restaurant cooks up outrageous paninis along with great pastas and ok salads (just being honest). For me, its all about the sandwiches here, with such ingredients as grilled eggplant, yellow squash, zucchini goat cheese boursin, plum tomato jam and roasted peppers on focaccia or prosciutto di parma, grilled artichokes, baby greens, shaved parmigiano-reggiano cheese on crisp ciabatta or even the fresh roasted turkey panini with homemade mozzarella, roasted peppers, dijon mustard, mayo, balsamic vinaigrette and baby greens on ciabatta. Anything on that perfectly fresh crunchy bread is fantastic.

So, Happy National Sandwich Month, try it!


Noodles Panini
821 East Las Olas Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Phone: (954)462-1514

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