Wine of the Week! Summer Lovin’

This summer my wife fell in love for the very first time. For years and years she’s searched and sampled, but still unable to find something truly satisfying. All right, knock it off, I am not talking about me here. After 50 Shades of Grey, we are doing great. What I am actually talking about is how my wife has been unable to find, outside of soda, her drink of choice. She’s had margarita’s, frangelica’s, cosmos, the mojito’s at Cabana in Delray have come close, but nothing sang to her as sweetly as what she discovered this summer. Sauvignon Blanc! This week’s “wine of the week” is dedicated to you babe.

Framingham Sauvignon Blanc 2011

The Style & Region: Marlborough is a region of New Zealand located on the northeast corner of the South Island. This region is best known for starting the wine industry of New Zealand and for producing some fantastic Sauvignon Blanc wines. Today over 60% of the wines produced in New Zealand come from the Marlborough region. It is widely believed that the green-skinned grape used to make Sauvignon Blanc originates from the Loire Valley and Bordeaux regions of France and is widely cultivated in France, Chile, Australia, New Zealand and California. Each of these regions climates, delivers a different uniquely flavored wine. Hot sunny days and cool nights help the the Marlborough regions Sauvignon Blanc, in extending the grapes ripening period, resulting in a more tropical aroma and flavor.

On the Palate: This wine is very well balanced with hints of lime and citrus fruits. It’s medium bodied, dry, with a mild refreshing grapefruit finish.

What does it pair with? I have enjoyed this wine with various shellfish and seafood including oysters, clams & swordfish. It is particularly perfect with sushi.

Price: $16.99 and is available at your local Total Wine & More.



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