#Ramps are running rampant

Unless you have been living under a rock or maybe just haven’t eaten out lately, you might have missed the hottest spring trend. No it’s not Florals,Crops Tops, White Collars or Spring Bondage Fashion. Yes I said it! It’s not Rhubarb (although very hot right now). It’s no longer Kale (relax everyone, Kale is still in).

It’s Ramps! Ramps are the hottest spring food trend since the reintroduction of the crappy brussels sprouts our mom’s made you choke down as a kid (well maybe not as popular as brussels sprouts). And when I say kids, I am taking about the kids that grew up in the 70’s and 80’s. Our generation had to hear how our parents walked 2 miles to school, uphill, both ways, in snow up to their waist. And if that bullshit story wasn’t bad enough, they made us eat those under seasoned, green balls of mush. Kids today, have no idea how bad we had it. There was no truffle oil, there was certainly no bourbon infused maple syrup. And roasting? Who did that?  I clearly have some underlying issues I need to work through. But that’s for another blog. I digress.

Yup, #Ramps are running rampant. On pizza’s, along side steaks and lamb, grilled, sautéed and even made into pesto.  So WTF is a ramp?

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Most commonly referred to as Ramps (but sometimes called a spring onion, wild leek or ramsons) is an early spring vegetable with a pronounced onion and garlic flavor. At first you could mistake it for a scallion, but its flat leaf sets it apart. It is really the first green vegetable to appear after winter. And after the year of the “Polar Vortex”, its a sight for sore eyes. Ramps, most prodominently found along the east coast, from Novia Scotia to Maryland and Delaware (although also found in parts of the south and midwest), grow wild in moist wooded areas. And they are picked (young), not harvested or packaged for sale in supermarkets. You can find them at various farmers markets and as of the last few weeks, on some restaurant menus. Look for it and try it, because it will be gone before you know it. #summerscoming 😜

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