Hold Nothing! Clay Conley’s Sandwich Shop at Būccan

Henry Flagler might have put Palm Beach on the map, but Chef Clay Conley resurrected it’s food scene. I mean no disrespect to the restuarants that came before it, but the opening of Būccan in 2011, gave us southern Palm Beach countiers, even more reason to drive out of our way to eat here. It is without question, one of the best restaurants in South Florida. So in December, when rumor became reality about Chef Clay Conley’s newest venture,  “The Sandwich Shop at Būccan,”  I again felt nothing wrong with driving 30 minutes out of my way to try it.  And I have been driving out of my way almost every week since. I sat down with Chef Clay to get his thoughts on his newest addition (and not his actuall new addition expected next month).

imageSoFlaFoodie: Why a Sandwich Shop?
Chef Clay Conley: I’ve always wanted to open a sandwich shop; I wanted to retire and open a small shop on the beach. It just happened sooner than expected! We already had the space and the size was right. It made sense to do it now.

SFF: How has the first month been?
CC: Very busy. Twice as busy than we expected. It’s been fun too, working the line, talking to guests. It’s a super small place so it’s very intimate.

SFF: Did you think it would be a hit this fast?
CC: We thought it would be busy…who doesn’t want a sandwich on the beach?!

SFF: Where do your sandwich inspirations come from?
CC: Things I like to eat. The bread, which we make in-house, just serves a vehicle for all the fillings.

SFF: What have been you biggest sellers?
CC: The Shortrib, Cheddar, Apple Slaw, Horseradish and the Chicken Breast, Pesto, Provolone, Roasted Tomato Tapenade, Arugula. Both are served pressed.

SFF: What’s in the works for 2015 and beyond?
CC: We’re working on the West Palm Beach space, set to open this summer.


The Sandwich Shop at Būccan
350 South County Road
Palm Beach, FL
Open 7 days from 11am
Phone: (561)833-6295

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