Top 10 Burgers from the 2016 #31Burgers31Days Tour!

#31Burgers in #31 Days, The Aftermath! I can imagine Don LaFontaine saying that line. “In a world, where one man, eats 31 burgers…” I might actually watch that film. As you know, May was National Hamburger Month and I set out to eat 31 burgers in 31 days. I am still feeling the effects. Keep in mind this is NOT a list of the Top 10 Burgers in South Florida, this is a list of the Top 10 Burgers I ate during my #31Burgers31Days tour.  See you next May!

#10 – Coolinary Cafe – Jupiter

#9 – Brule Bistro – Delray Beach

#8 –  Michael’s Genuine – Miami

#7 – Ariete – Coconut Grove

#6 – Beaker & Grey – Miami

#5 – Swine Table – Coral Gables

#4 – Brass Ring Pub – North Palm Beach

#3 – Buccan – Palm Beach

#2 – Izzy’s – Miami Beach

#1 – The Local – Coral Gables

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